Specific Investment Processes & Toolkits

model - Human Relationship  

Our method is based upon the fact that a good match is necessary for success. The classic phases in human relationship interaction helps us arrive at a healthy investment decision. 

spontaneous meetings - introductions

Among our entire organisation, we experience a large number of encounters, elevator pitches, afterworks, seminars, speed-pitches, recommendations etc, some of which lead to a formal introduction meeting,.

Dating – alignment of expectations 

This phase takes six weeks. Together we align expectations in various workshops & market research to find if the business expectations & investment (time, money & resources) are realistic. The Dating phase leads to a letter of intent.

Engagement - A two way diligence 

During the following six weeks we work with you under exclusivity to refine the operational business plan, including a longer term exit strategy and a shorter term go-to-market strategy. The Engagement phase is concluded with a detailed term sheet which is binding upon both parties, subject to due diligence.

Marriage – Executing the strategy

We complete the check lists, (contracts, numbers, technology, clients, people) and get the paperwork done to enable the investment and set all systems on turbo execution. Alternatively, we wish you good luck with no strings attached.

Planned Separation - Exit

We follow the strategic plan for exit, leading to a healthy economic return for all parties. Sooner rather than later. Avoiding unnecessary classic mistakes.

GooD Friends - Keeping up relations

Our relationship goes beyond exit. We desire to retain a friendly relationship, leading to yet a good reference, expert future advisory cooperation& opportunities for future investments.

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