The Global Partner Team


Hardworking, honest, enthusiastic people with great ambitions, used to working together and executing from an aligned plan. People that enjoy working with others who are even more excellent than themselves. Providing a multitude of services, Experienced practitioners, can help shorten sales cycles, find new clients, establish international channels of distribution and help recruit, build and mentor your team.

Optiteam's staff works virtually, globally and physically from our growing number of offices around the world.


A vast network of advisors assist in sourcing, screening & diligence. Optiteam's Advisory Board also acts as a springboard to becoming an Associated Partner.

LEAD Partners

An Optiteam Lead Partner is the point of contact. The Lead Partner is involved in the both the coordination of eventual investment syndication along with the allocation of resources from the required staff and partner network.


The Optiteam Associated Partner Network consists of excellent, devoted people within Strategic Management, Financial Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Development & Administration.


Skillful sub-contractors with proven track records of creating great value to the businesses & customers they have delivered to. 

Staff, Advisers, Associated Partners & Sub-Contractors are physically situated around the globe, as well as at Optiteam's locations in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, New York, Silicon Valley, Bangalore & Singapore.


Investment syndications include Business Angels, VCs, Family Offices, Limited Investment Partners & Local Backers.

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