What We Look for in Early Stage Investments

GREAt product/ Service

Unique, beautifully crafted, skillfully executed, enjoyable to use, meaningful and of great value to lots of users. 


Hardworking, honest, enthusiastic people with great ambition who can work together to make things happen, and want to bring in others who are even better than they are. We love devoted teams.

Competitive Advantages & protective Barriers

Protectable businesses are compelling. Unique Perceived Benefits (UPBs) and competitive advantages are some of the strategic elements that influence the rate of success.


To make things happen quickly, for less money than the competition, is a factor that distinguishes "Winners" from "First of the Losers".


We appreciate high-impact businesses. A number of our Partners, Institutional and Individual Investors share these objectives and values. Together we enjoy the dimension & challenge of "Doing Good" at the same time as "Showing a Profit". Methods and tool-kits used in non-impact organisations are applied to enable a financially sustainable impact business.

Attractive valuation

Your company receives funding together with an accelerator & mentorship package. The capital & resources invested your the company should be enough to reach your next funding stage, a process which we also assist with.

You will very likely meet other bidders, offering a higher pre-money valuation - without the entire package.

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